AGM report – and a touch of Log Cabin Fever

A good attendance for our AGM meeting, and probably the shortest/fastest AGM for many years.  All the paperwork and reports were available before the official meeting began so it was mostly a “rubber-stamping” exercise.  This year we have a complete change of committee – Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer – and the Chairman’s role is going to be shared for a one-year term of office.  The new committee were persuaded to stand still and have their picture taken –

SPQ committee 2013

Then, after the presentations to retiring committee and volunteers, it was time to clear the decks for a little Log Cabin Fever.  Our three traders (thank you to Angie’s Quilt shop, The Corner Patch and ZigZags) had a great view of the moving queue which snaked around most of the large hall.  First of all, queue to pick up the first two pieces then join the queue for a seat at one of six sewing machines, stitch the short seam, move off to the ironing board queue to press the seam, then smoothly on to the queue to collect the next strip, back to queueing for a sewing machine…………………and so on until a two-round Log Cabin block was complete.  Over-achievers who finished a first block were not allowed to sit down and chat, or shop, until the pile of pieces was exhausted.  More than 50 blocks were stacked up and a name drawn as the lucky (?) winner of the blocks.

waiting in line



next piece

Next week is committee hand-over time and there will be a lot going on behind the scenes.  A reminder that there is still time to enter a quilt for the Uttoxeter show (deadline 19th March) – and you can do it all online too.

Our next meeting is Thursday 4th April when our speaker will be Simon Cook.


One thought on “AGM report – and a touch of Log Cabin Fever

  1. That’s the kind of AGM I like. Great fun doing the log cabin and also seeing the blocks going together at the Soup and Sew on Saturday. Many thanks to all the retiring committee who have done an excellent job.

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